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Episode 185 - Geert Wilders

Host has had encounters with many political leaders, including a memorable day with likely new Dutch prime minister, Geert Wilders. The controversial author of Marked for Death came to the Denver Hyatt Regency to speak at a gala on June 30, 2012. Host sat with Wilders for a meal and then both spoke.

Sometimes called the Dutch Donald Trump, the host offers a different take on the tall blonde man with the pompadour who is now a major force in European politics. Unlike Trump, Wilders is pro-choice and favors LGBTQ rights. He’s a staunch supporter of Israel. But Wilders is most known for his vocal opposition to Islam.

Hear Wilders speak just over a decade ago and judge for yourself. Is he capable of leading Europe or is he a hateful bigot as branded by his detractors? Find out what the host said introducing Wilders, as he expressed disappointment with President Obama’s handling of the Middle East and foreign policy. 

This was when Mitt Romney warned about Russian threats, and took a more aggressive stand against the Islamic Republic of Iran which backs Hamas and Hezbollah. Barack Hussein Obama was ideally situated to tell harsh truths to the Muslim world but he refused.

Troubadour Dave Gunders and the host celebrate Hanukkah, discussing what this new Wilders’ election means in the world and whether he is a problem, or a solution. Is it bigotry to oppose a political ideology based on religious imperatives antithetical to democracy and freedom?

The world is on the threshold of big changes and the election of Geert Wilders is significant. If you want to understand modern Europe and political changes all around, listen to the words of Silverman and Wilders from the Western Conservative Summit held in 2012.

520 years prior, Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492 in hopes of discovering the new world, and he did so. Masterful musician Dave Gunders wrote a tribute song titled Song of Columbus, which is gorgeous. Give it a listen and hear the back story.

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