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Episode 191 – Ben Meiselas

Brilliant attorney Ben Meiselas leads the Meidas Touch Network, a multimedia company dedicated to preserving American democracy against the MAGA assault now happening in America. Find out how Ben became so smart, fun, and capable of problem solving. 

Listen and learn from a master legal communicator who has become a major force in exposing MAGA idiocracy meeting fascism which now threatens our USA. Ben and his Meidas Mighty fight back with the truth on many fine podcasts and sites. 

Meidas Touch spread the rancid news that Trump smells bad. This was reported via Ben Meiselas’ interview of former GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger. #TrumpSmells started trending, and next thing you know, the Meidas’ clip was on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Learn the Ben Meiselas story, including his Long Island upbringing with his co-star younger brothers. As the oldest child, Ben has always assumed a leadership and main conductor role. Meiselas has the right talent and sense of humor to lead a vital new pro-democracy media movement.

A natural born problem solver, Ben Meiselas lays out facts which damn Donald Trump but he does it with a friendly professional tone. Ben has passion but is never over the top. Find out what grounds this man at the head of the spear of pro-democracy broadcasters.

Ben has Colorado connections including taking the deposition of John Elway as he represented Colin Kaepernick in that terminated quarterback’s legal claim against the NFL. Learn why Ben Meiselas has made other legal trips to Colorado oncases.

Find out what happens behind the scenes for this busy Sports Law professor at USC Law School. Meiselas parents were also attorneys but no one has ever had a practice quite like Ben. It is a new media world and Meidas Touch is well positioned.

We discuss his extraordinarily talented legal and podcast colleagues, Karen Friedman Agnafillo and Michael Popok. We also discuss Ben’s Political beatdown partner, former attorney Trump, Michael Cohen. Credit also thrown toward superbRon Filipkowski, Editor in Chief at Meidas.

Colorado S/Ct case discussed with Ben Meiselas predicting U.S. Sup Ct. will avoid the insurrection issue, and find a way to keep Trump on the ballot (constitutional avoidance). During our discussion, we explore how Roger Stone and other MAGA loser loyalists may use AI to conduct Deep Fake campaigns and disinformation campaigns.

In the breach, Ben Meiselas, Esq. works daily to safeguard America with his podcasts. He’s fun, smart and brave. There's a lot to learn in this podcast. Ben weighs in on Joe Biden's mental health, as witnessed by him ripping on Lauren Boebert a couple months ago in Pueblo, Colorado.

With the Iowa Caucuses underway, Show Troubadour brings you a cold weather song that can take you through an Arctic Blast. “Come On In My Kitchen” is an intriguing song about anger and surviving emotional challenges, as well as harsh outside climactic circumstances.

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