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Episode 194 Tom Costello and Rick Sallinger

Who can you trust in the news industry?  Tom Costello and Rick Sallinger. Rick just retired after 30 years at CBS4 in Denver. He worked many years before that at 9News, and CNN. Tom’s going strong as Senior Correspondent at NBC News.

This podcast is apolitical because so are our journalist guests who pride themselves on their professionalism and objectivity. Find out how they achieved so much in TV News. Learn about them both meeting wives while assigned in Europe.

Never has news gathering been more important. Find out who these guys admire and why. Each describes his rise through the ranks at 9 News, with lots of reminiscing about infamous Colorado criminal cases.

Tom Costello is NBC’s space and aviation expert who has made fascinating documentaries on topics ranging from Sub Hunt: Nato on Patrol for Russian Subs to Battleground Space

Tom Costello grew up in Littleton, CO, and well remembers his days as a general assignment reporter for 9News. No matter where he is in the world, be it homes in London, Brussels, NYC and DC areas, Tom’s heart remains in Centennial State.

Rick traveled the world after leaving his native Chicago and realized Colorado was the place to live his life. Raising two boys with his wife in Colorado, Rick takes pride in sons Mark, a newsman, and Eric, an MD in training. Family pride shows in this heartfelt interview.

Among many cases discussed are the Alan Berg assassination in Denver, the alleged Kobe Bryant rape in Eagle County, the OKC Bombing trials, and cases involving the late Demaryious Thomas. Rick is a Colorado legend.

Troubadour Dave Gunders joins host to discuss US missile strike retaliation on Iranian outposts in Syria and Iraq. Also touched on are delays in Trump trial in this otherwise apolitical episode featuring the song, Easier Said than Done.

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