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Episode 196 -- Leora Joseph wants to be Denver District Attorney.

Consequential 2024 events are happening with Colorado’s insurrection case, and Trump’s immunity  claim, going down in flames. We discussed the Elena Kagan question that doomed the Norma Anderson side of Trump v. Anderson. And also discuss Biden’s aging problem.

Leora Joseph is an experienced prosecutor who wants to be elected Denver District Attorney. In 2024. Joseph has a huge job right now managing behavioral health for the state of Colorado under the appointment of Governor Jared Polis. She’s headed up vital child welfare, human trafficking, and domestic violence units in Boston and suburban Denver.  

As you will learn in Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge, Leora Joseph is a proud Jewish wife, mother, daughter and attorney. Learn about her rabbinical father and upbringing in Montreal.Law also runs deep in her family. Mental health is a special focus of this experienced law enforcement professional.Find out how she would bring changes to Denver.

Recent Denver appearance of Noa Tishby on Wednesday night gets reviewed. The Jewish Colorado event that brought together over 1000 people to a packed event is reviewed.  The interview of the Israeli actress and entrepreneur, Noa Tishby, was expertly handled by Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser.

Troubadour Dave Gunders entertains with his song, Worry No More. Current events get reviewed in a lively session, before Dave pulls out his guitar and gives sampling of his nascent solo singing career beginning with a Littleton, CO gig on 2.9.24. We get the Troubadour ready to entertain.

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