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Episode 197 -- Sandy Phillips

Death of Alexei Navalny is dissected during Opening. Then Trump court cases were discussed, including immunity ruling stay request before the US Supreme Court, the Fani Willis developments, and the NY business fraud.

Also covered is the allegation Alexander Smirnov bore false witness against Joe Biden. Russian collusion?!? Donald Trump‘s betrayal of NATO is reviewed at the start of the show, and also towards the end.

Inspired by a mass shooting tragedy years ago, Show Troubadour Dave Gunders composed, World Gone Crazy, his powerful song about the troubling news families receive regarding gun violence.

Jessi Ghawi lost her life at the Aurora Theater Massacre, a victim of a madman with an assault weapon of war that should not have been allowed in civilized society. Sandy Phillips, Jessi’s mother, has been making that case ever since along with her beloved husband, Lonnie Phillips

Find out more about the remarkable Sandy Phillips by listening to this comprehensive interview with one of the world's strongest mothers, and gun reform advocates. Sandy Phillips’ life changed on July 20, 2012, when she got the call at her Texas home. She’s now dedicated to helping others.

Sandy Phillips grew up a Long Beach girl who spent over a decade as a trailblazer at Disney Land. She had remarkable encounters operating the Matterhorn roller coaster, and a brief encounter with Walt Disney himself at a Disneyland restaurant. She was there at the dawn of Disney University.

Sandy Phillips moved to Texas, and her daughter, Jessi Ghawi, was a proud Texas girl until she fell in love with Denver, Colorado, and the opportunity to be a sports reporter. Jessi attended Metro State while also working on sports talk radio. Jessi was a red-headed spitfire who loved Batman movies.

After experiencing the murder of their beloved daughter Jessi, Lonnie and Sandy Phillips dedicated themselves to public service. They helped write an outstanding and instructive book titled Tragedy in Aurora: The Culture of Mass Shootings in America. Sandy discussed the court process and what it was like working with DA George Brauchler.

Sandy Phillips reacts to the Kansas City Chiefs celebration parade shooting. PUNCH! “People United – No Children’s Handguns!” successes at a 1993 Colorado Special Session reviewed. 1993 Montbello murder of Theron Hicks by Danny Akers with a Mac-11 recalled. If more guns made us safer, we would be the safest country in the world.

Sandy Phillips is delightful as she recounts her amazing encounters with celebrities like Peyton Manning, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and many more. You will also learn how Sandy Phillips has started her organization. You should consider joining too. Survivors Empowered.

Sandy Phillips can now find some happiness again. She is still grieving and healing, but she has a message as she travels from one mass murder scene to another, from Sandy Hook to Buffalo to Uvalde. Sandy’s daughter Jessi is honored on this show. So is Jaime Guttenberg, as we remember Parkland.

Donald Trump wants his base to have as many assault weapons as possible. His retribution will be bad, as modeled after Navalny’s experience. Vlad Putin is a scourge and at the end of the show, we discuss Dan Caplis' claim that Trump’s NATO threats were humorous. That’s sick. And dangerous. We explain why.

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