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Episode 198 – Amy Padden wants to be Arapahoe County DA

Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge welcomes back Amy Padden who seeks the job of District Attorney in Denver County’s southern suburb of dynamic and growing Arapahoe County, Colorado. Amy has a terrific prosecutorial resume working with various Colorado law enforcement agencies.

Learn how Amy grew up in Erie, PA, and got her law degree at Georgetown.  Marriage brought Amy Padden to Colorado, and she now lives in Aurora, CO with her husband and dogs. Arapahoe County contains a wide variety of towns, villages and major cities.

Amy Padden pledges to bring a balanced approach to crime in the 18th Judicial District which for the first time has shed Lincoln, Elbert, and Douglas Counties (which are becoming Colorado’s new 23rd JD). Listen and learn about Arapahoe County politics in the age of Trump and the delicacies of interacting with neighboring DAs. 

Learn about Amy Padden’s passion for public service, and her JAG attorney father who is proud of his accomplished daughter.  Right now, Amy Padden has no opposition within her own Democratic Party and with the recent decision of incumbent GOP DA John Kellner not to run.

Learn what Amy thinks about online justice, and how she prefers the personal face-to-face approach. She is reluctant to let artificial intelligence influence decisions and arguments coming out of her Office if elected. Padden explains how deputies may be divided up with the 23rd JD.

Troubadour Dave Gunders brings his usual great conversation, and his strong song titled, Your Way Too. An open mind is critical when interacting with humans. Do ladies listen better than men? 

We wish Fani Willis would have listened to advice not to take the witness stand as cell phone records are killing her credibility. And the good Georgia case against Trump, et. al. We consider the irony that Wallis’ sexual indiscretion will benefit sex offender Trump.

Some powerful speeches were delivered, taking on Trump and his mobster pal, Putin. Listen to Nikki Haley stand up to bullies Putin and Trump.

Hear Joe Biden do the same thing in his own epic speech. Haley and Biden both honored the late Alexei Navalny, and have consistently stood up to bullies.

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