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Episode 199 – Dani Newsum

Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge opens wide to welcome Dani Newsum. She's a trained civil rights attorney, who spent decades as a formidable panelist on Colorado Inside Out where she often argued with Craig. And David Kopel. And many others. Dani can be feisty.

Nowadays, Dani Newsum is the director of strategic partnerships at Cobalt, a Colorado pro-abortion rights group that had a friendly split from NARAL Pro-Choice America in January 2020 to focus on state-level battles and reproductive rights advocacy within Colorado. OMG, the battles now, post-Dobbs.

Dani explains what Donald Trump has meant for female reproductive freedom and how Cobalt is fighting back with Ballot Initiative 89 which will place women’s right to choose enshrined in Colorado’s Constitution.

Proposed Initiative 89: “A change to the Colorado constitution recognizing the right to

abortion, and, in connection therewith, prohibiting the state and local governments from

denying, impeding, or discriminating against the exercise of that right, allowing abortion

to be a covered service under health insurance plans for Colorado state and local

government employees and enrollees in state and local governmental insurance


Dani Newsum was raised by the remarkable Fitzroy “Buck” Newsum who has a substantially correct Wikipedia page but for his birth date and the picture of him as a young airman. A decorated Tuskegee Airman, Colonel Newsum was a Congressional Gold Medal recipient. Dani’s mom Joan is special too.

Learn how Dani Newsum decided to be an attorney, and then a civil rights advocate. She attended Denver’s Thomas Jefferson High School and then became a lawyer and a talk show host on 630 KHOW. Find out some behind the scenes’ stories about Colorado Inside Out.

We discuss the sad decline of the Colorado Republican Party, as embodied by Lauren Boebert. We review the latest with respect to Colorado’s embarrassment in Congress. The modern media and legal landscape gets reviewed. So does Dan’s fascinating life story.

Show Troubadour Dave Gunders entertains with a song reminiscent of America’s less-than-honest justice system given the recent MAGA-friendly delay moves made by the U.S. Supreme Court. In Billy B and the Fair Skinned Girl, the wise narrator sings a story of an unfair justice system.

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