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Episode 200 – John Jackson and Ken Toltz 

Episode 200 – John Jackson and Ken Toltz

This bicentennial episode of The Craig Silverman Show features a special mixture of sidebar podcasts, Craig’s Colorado Corner (panel show) and Craig’s Colorado Homefront (WWIII?) with our two favorite foreign correspondents.

Show dedicated to the memory of the late Alexei Navalny, killed by Putin, something ignored by Trump/Putin friendly MAGA-GOQP media. Discussed also are implications of Russian disinfo via Alexander Smirnov.

The world is at an inflection point as democracies and freedom are under threat in Israel, Ukraine, and the USA. We discuss Super Tuesday results and their impact on each nation. Nikki Haley’s equivocation, Mitch McConnell’s departure, and US S/Ct rulings analyzed.

Elon Musk gets discussed, as he must be, given his role now openly helping Putin and Trump. Armed Forces of Ukraine soldier (via Colorado), John Jackson, explains why the battlespace of Twitter (X) mustn't be surrendered. YouTube too.

Ken Toltz explains the sadness pervading Israel as the Netanyahu government keeps letting people down, and ancient enemies are at the doorstep. Every day is sad since October 7 and this native Denverite gives his view from the riven Holy Land.

The violent June 18. 1984, Denver assassination of Alan Berg gets remembered (again) as a predicate to the authoritarian hate that is consuming parts of the planet now. Ken Toltz proudly tried to defeat isolationist authoritarian MAGA antecedent, Tom Tancredo, back in 2000.

This bicentennial show addresses the growing MAGA fascist threat and what a Trump victory means for Ukraine, Israel, America, freedom, and democracy. These are big issues discussed with brilliant passionate guests who have stakes in this war.

The Israeli War Minister Benny Gantz's trip to Washington DC gets reviewed and approved. Benjamin Gantz is better than Benjamin Netanyahu, who is corrupt, and an easy mark for mobster autocrats. Volodomor Zelensky remains rock solid after surviving an attack in Crimea.

The Craig Silverman Show -- at age 200 – hopes to make a positive impact in the pro-democracy movement. Listen to John Jackson quote Ronald Reagan. Freedom is not free. But this podcast is free, and we want you to enjoy, appreciate, learn, and share.

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