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Episode 206: Dagny Van Der Jagt Wants to be Douglas County (23rd JD) DA

Episode 206: Dagny Van Der Jagt Wants to be Douglas County (23rd JD) DA

Orenthal James Simpson has passed away, and the show's introduction discusses some of the many poignant OJ memories that occur to the host. OJ was a mighty USC and NFL running back, like a fast train, but he was an evil man. This week's song from Troubadour Dave Gunders is Train Keeps Coming.


Justice keeps coming for Donald Trump. The NY v Trump felony criminal trial is upcoming on April 15 in New York City, and pressure is building worldwide. Dave Gunders and the host discuss OJ's death and the modern lessons applicable to Trump’s litigation. The ban on abortions in Arizona is reviewed, and the political consequences are considered.


The show begins with a condemnation of Trump's recent comments telling Jewish voters they need to "get their head examined" if they vote for Biden. This is divisive and should be condemned. Given the former president's erratic and divisive recent comments, champions of Trump's return to the presidency should think twice.


Dagny Van Der Jagt will vote for Donald Trump as a proud Republican. She’s a mother of four,  a native of Europe, and an accomplished attorney with her private practice with her husband Grant Van der Jagt. Learn about their private practice business in Larkspur.



Now, Dagny Van der Jagt is a candidate for the 23rd Judicial District District Attorney position. The host delves into Van Der Jagt's background, qualifications, and platform, particularly focusing on her stance on criminal justice reform. Her other campaign promises and policy proposals, including victim advocacy and community engagement, are also discussed.




GOP candidate Dagny Van Der Jagt raises substantial concerns about her Republican primary opponent George Brauchler's integrity and qualifications. Van Der Jagt claims Brauchler, the former 18th Judicial DA, cannot be trusted. She cites political flip-flops, especially on Colorado’s Red Flag Law. She claims that Brauchler prioritizes personal publicity over justice and saving dollars for his constituents.




She also raises how Brauchler has historically blurred lines as an attorney, GOP party official, DA, military officer, non-profit fellow, professor, ad man, radio talk host, candidate for innumerable Colorado political jobs, and Gazette columnist. Van der Jagt is concerned that Brauchler's military position could create conflicts if there were questionable orders from Governor Polis or President Biden.

Douglas County DA candidate Dagny Van Der Jagt accuses Brauchler of grandstanding, overspending, and trying to please everyone while pleasing almost no one.  Van Der Jagt claims she has solid Republican Party support, given Brauchler's decision to petition rather than go through the party assembly.

A video shows Brauchler being booed, and made to leave without finishing his speech, at the controversial Douglas County GOP Executive Committee meeting headed by Douglas County GOP Chairman Steve Peck. Witness for yourself. Watch and listen to how Chairman Peck adds up the vote!

The Douglas County GOP may issue a statement similar to the Colorado GOP's rebuke of Deborah Flora for not going through the county assembly. Van Der Jagt believes her commitment to going through the Republican Party assembly makes her the better choice for 23rd Judicial District DA. She wants full GOP support. Just like Boebert received from Colorado GOP in CD4.

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