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Episode 212  Henry Weinstein

Enter the Inner Sanctum of Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge with the legendary Henry Weinstein, a newsman, lawyer, and law professor whose career is a beacon of inspiration. Weinstein's pivotal role in the LA Times’ groundbreaking coverage of the OJ Simpson prosecution was one part of a multi-faceted career.

Numerous timely lessons must be learned, from the iconic Simpson trial to the current New York v. Trump case. In our discussion, Professor Weinstein draws insightful parallels and shares unique and valuable lessons. He underscores the importance of this moment for attorneys to champion justice. Weinstein also reveals why he sought the host's commentary during the Simpson trial.

Henry Weinstein, a 1969 Boalt Hall Law School graduate and native Californian, has a career that spans journalism and law. Discover the intriguing path that led him from major American publications to a decades-long tenure as a law school professor at the University of California—Irvine. His journey is a testament to the power of brainpower, passion and perseverance.

Professor Weinstein worked for the LA Times, NY Times, SF Examiner, and WSJ and has written over 3,000 stories. He has also written about events and issues in other countries and for various publications, including California Lawyer, Juris Doctor, The Nation, New Times, the Saturday Review of Education, and the Saturday Review of Science.

Learn about Cal—Berkeley in the 1960s, when Weinstein was an undergrad and then a law student. In 1972, Weinstein worked for the George McGovern presidential campaign to beat Richard Nixon. We review the glory days at great newspapers, including the LA Times, and working with the late great Jim Murray.

The legal analysis aspect of the OJ Simpson saga is reviewed, including the remarkable LA Times coverage. Find out about Weinstein’s visit to Simpson’s home for an interview during the civil trial. Discover how big media cases, like the OJ Simpson trial, profoundly impact American history. The wise professor reviews New York v. Trump in some detail. 

Troubadour Dave Gunders delivers a great conversation about the end of his JazzFest 2024 experience. He then sings the Going Away Blues, a cover song, in honor of the host taking some time off from America to contemplate her current problems. We need to lead the comeback.

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