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Episode 213    Dr. Eric Coomer’s civil case exposes that Trump’s Big Lie Flowed out of Colorado

There have been massive delays in the Denver District Court civil case of Coomer v. Trump, Giuliani, Powell, Malkin, Oltmann, Salem Corporon, et al.. Still, many court filings allow us to play the sound that makes the case—Trump’s Big Lie flowed out of Colorado.

Trace the 'sound' trail from the crucial weeks following the 2020 election. During this time, #DenverTrumpRadio stations, 630KHOW and 710KNUS, played a significant role in amplifying dual aspects of Trump’s despicable efforts. Notably, Jenna Ellis used the Den Caplis show as a platform to promote the 'Stop the Steal' narrative.

The show’s primary sound comes from Joe Oltmann’s frequent visits to 710KNUS (Salem Colorado) during November and December of 2020 with his tall, destructive tale that he intercepted Eric Coomer’s alleged Antifa conference call pledging to rig the election against Trump by manipulating Dominion Voting Systems.

Listen chronologically as Oltmann, with allies and sponsors like Mike Lindell, spreads his defamations about Dr. Eric Coomer. It begins with Randy Corporon, who worked with fellow lawyers Jenna Ellis and Sidney Powell. Next, Oltmann's radio appearances with Deb Flora, George Brauchler, and Peter Boyles get reviewed.

A sound record is made here of how American democracy has been getting destroyed from within by MAGA manipulations and disinformation. Hear the incriminating words of the media members who helped bring disaster to our democracy with their normalization of MAGA.

Authoritarianism and disinformation march in when democracies and the courts react way too slowly. We advance the Coomer case by letting you hear the evidence for yourself. The trial may still be years away, but we have the sound today.

The host has been away in Spain, gaining new perspectives on America from Marbella and Seville. The NY v Trump trial is going fast, but not most other MAGA-related litigation. The view of America from Europe right now is trepidation. Dave Gunders brings us his classic, Song for Columbus, about a Spanish voyager.

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