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Episode 215 – Craig's Colorado Corner with Boulder DA Michael Dougherty and Ryan Brackley, Esq. 

Craigs’ Colorado Corner reconvenes the Centennial State’s best panel show to analyze Donald Trump's trials again. NY v. Trump goes to the jury!! Boulder DA Michael Dougherty and Ryan Brackley are outstanding legal guests. Both served over a dozen years in the Manhattan DA’s Office and rose high. They know Josh Steinglass and Susan Hoffinger.

What about Donald Trump's contempt for the process? Is Trump sleeping? How has Judge Merchan performed? What about Manhattan juries? How do they differ from Denver or Boulder? Michael Dougherty is DA for Colorado’s 20th Judicial District.

Ryan Brackley is a native New Yorker who started as a prosecutor in Manhattan, moved to Boulder to be Stan Garnett’s #2, and then to Denver to become #2 under DA Beth McCann. Now, he’s an accomplished criminal defense attorney.

Michael Dougherty used to run over the Brooklyn Bridge to work for former Manhattan DA Cy Vance. Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg has consulted with Dougherty over important law enforcement matters. That proud, prestigious prosecutorial office has a family feel, and New York v Trump may be its biggest case.

Is there a threat to the rule of law? How did Judge Mershan and the attorneys perform? What will be the verdict? Was there a fair trial? Are these charges fair? Why did the prosecution not seek to admit Trump's out-of-court statements during the trial, where Trump was offering inconsistent defenses and belittling the process?

How and why is New York law different from Colorado and other jurisdictions? Why does the defense go first in closing arguments? Why read the instructions “after” closing arguments, and why can’t the jury possess a copy to the jury room? What’s with all the readback of cold transcripts by court reporters generally ill-prepared for the task? 

Why is Juror #1 the foreperson? All these things are so different in Colorado. The parties and lawyers are required to stay at the courthouse. Can there be a worse job than being the person in the waiting room with the defendant? All these things are so different in Colorado. 

The panel discussed the jury questions and requests for readbacks on their first day of historic deliberation.  Brackley and Dougherty are superb panelists with great experience and perspective to analyze New York v. Trump. Give it a listen. This show will stimulate your mind.

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