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Episode 216  Mario Nicolais 

This special episode is dedicated to the memory of #32, Bill Walton, who was a guest on Episode 151 less than a year ago. Bill passed away on Memorial Day. Rememberances of the Big Redhead are everywhere, including here.

Colorado Sun colleague and ace attorney Mario Nicolais returns to Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge to discuss Walton’s passing and Trump's historic 34 felony convictions in his just-concluded New York criminal trial. Mario once worked for Rudy Guiliani for President and has insights into what happened and why.

Listen and learn similarities between the New York state court trial and the Denver District Court trial, in which Mario Nicolais litigated against Trump at the Fourteenth Amendment, Article 3 trial. Given the Alitos’ flag flying and other high court improprieties, the US Supreme Court is in awful shape.

And what about the legal profession now? Where are professional associations condemning Trump and Alito? What about the lawyer broadcasters backing Trump’s cry that jury trials in NYC and Dem-dominated big cities are rigged? What are the consequences of Trump’s behavior, and should he be incarcerated? 

New York had a righteous prosecution, and the defendant's behavior was deplorable. A constitution crisis is here, and Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge gets more salty than normal as the misuse of the word “fascist” gets reviewed. We shudder as we contemplate Cabinet Secretaries named Davis, Flynn, and Patel in a Trump 2.0 scenario.

The show starts with the wise reflections of Show Troubadour Dave Gunders, who sings his song epitomizing Bill Walton’s recovery from 36 surgeries and pursuit of the truth. We review how media figures spin the public to our detriment. And we play The Rebound in memory of Bill Walton.

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