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Episode 217    Terri Barton Gregg

The threat of Trumpist fascism and Trump's pledge of retribution demand a response. Convicted felon Donald Trump, a career criminal, con artist, and sex offender, has taken over the GOP. After a cool Bill Walton-inspired AZ/Utah trip, we battle back with music, humor, and sharp commentary.

Show Troubadour Dave Gunders presents his masterpiece, 'You Strengthen Me', depicting the sacrifice of individuals for the greater good of humanity. This song is dedicated to the heroes of D-Day, commemorating their actions 80 years ago.

Pro-comedian Terese (Terri) Barton Gregg is the proud daughter of the late Jack Barton. Jack lived a rich life, including US Army service in Europe during World War II. Jack started the popular Kacey’s Fine Furniture in Denver, where the family worked and made a success. In his 90s, he also became a comedian.

Terri's older sister, Leslie Fishbein, became the president of Kacey Fine Furniture and frequently appeared on Colorado television, selling furniture to the masses with a winning demeanor. Colorado was shocked and saddened when Leslie Fishbein became injured and passed away slowly due to medical negligence.

When Leslie Fishbein died in 2008, Denver grieved more than once as her passing was prematurely and inaccurately reported on the radio by “so-called family friend” Peter Boyles. Listen to Terri recall how Boyles callously treated that tragedy for his benefit. And find out about the family’s furious reaction.

Terri Barton Gregg, also known as the “Hebrew Hairdresser,” has achieved remarkable success in the comedy industry. Her journey began as a hair care stylist, where she learned a lot about people. Terri loves to entertain comedians and put on shows.

Terri Barton Gregg has opened for big showbiz talents and shares insightful stories about them. Her perspective on the threat that Trump and antisemitism pose to the comedy world is both enlightening and frightening. How can we laugh as Trump fascism approaches? We must.

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