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Episode 218 Sean Camacho wants to rep CO HD6; Trisha Calvarese wants to rep CO CD4

Sean Camacho stars in Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge. Born and raised in Colorado Springs, Camacho lives with his wife and two kids in the Lowry part of Denver and is running for statehouse against incumbent Democrat Elizabeth Epps.

An attorney for Dentons, the world’s biggest law firm, Sean David Gonzales Camacho attended the Air Force Academy before law school. He’s a Lieutenant Colonel in the USAFA, and his leadership skills are obvious.

Delve into the motivations of this emerging Democratic leader, Sean Camacho. The podcast dissects threats to our Rule of Law, the Supreme Court scandals, and their far-reaching recent rulings, a topic of immense importance in the current political landscape.

The unexpected overturning of Roe v Wade in the Dobbs case and the potential for even more severe cases in the future, particularly if Trump is re-elected, are thoroughly discussed. The fight against fascism is a key focus of the conversation, keeping the audience informed and engaged. 

The same discussion dominates Trisha Calvarese's return visit. The star of Episode 205 returns to brag about her May 22, 2024, beatdown of Greg Lopez in a debate held on the Dan Caplis Show. Trisha dishes on the race so far, her opponents Lopez and Boebert, and the awful rulings by the Trump Supreme Court. 

When the Democrats gain big momentum based on mass MAGA rejection, won’t Trisha make it close in CO CD4? We wonder why Kyle Clark won’t entertain a Calvarese v Boebert (Lopez) debate when the stakes are so high on June 25, 204, when Colorado will have a new person in Congress to replace Ken Buck.

Given we talked about Caplis with Trisha, hear Caplis proclaiming that President Biden will still drop out. Further, Caplis proclaims the existence of spirits from past relatives, and the Deep State, out there that are rigging everything against Trump. What can be done to stop all abortions? Apparently, anything, including propaganda. We analyze.

Show Troubadour Dave Gunders supplies a song about a working man and a love gone way wrong. Chop Wood, Carry Water tells the story of a man who got radicalized while following his passion. Current events reviewed. Lessons learned get discussed.

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