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Episode 221     Dave Aronberg

Updated: Jun 28

This special fourth-anniversary show coincides with the Fourth of July, which arrives on Thursday. Show Troubadour Dave Gunders performs his beautiful ballad, Fourth of July, and helps analyze the Biden-Harris debate.

Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge welcomes the Palm Beach County DA, Dave Aronberg, aka The Florida Lawman, to kick around current events, including the Biden - Trump debate. Aronberg is a regular on MSNBC, and especially on Morning Joe.

Dave Aronberg knew Alvin Bragg at Harvard, where our guest attended college and law school. A North Miami native, he’s about to finish his third and final term as a big prosecution office's elected top law enforcement officer.

The Supreme Court ruling in the Sackler opioid case pleased Aronberg, who fought the drug wars in Florida. We review the other controversial actions of the Supreme Court and discuss the MAGA threats to democracy as Trump may become President again. Here’s Aronberg’s new channel.

Solutions are accessible in emergencies like this. The Democrats have a deep bullpen and swing state governors and ex-DAs Gretchen Whitmer and Josh Shapiro will do. We need to have Trump's opponent enunciate the fascist menace. @potus should decline the Dem nomination by July 4.

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