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Episode 223 Judith Berg

The show begins with the host’s review of POTUS on ABC on Friday night. Many mistakes and misperceptions made in that interview are a blessing in disguise. Kudos to Stephanopoulos, who played it straight down the middle. Let’s think about all the Democrats who can beat Trump decisively, which is what is needed in 2024.


Judith Berg weighs in once more following the fortieth anniversary of the assassination of her ex-husband, Denver radio talk show legend Alan Berg. Listen to how disturbed Judith was by Peter Boyles and his account of events in the Denver Post. There was much to learn from what Boyles wrote and his omitted facts.



Boyles and Berg were rivals and competitors. There'd be a crossover when they had adjoining slots, and the two grew up in radio together. But Berg was sober in Denver and Boyles in his “nightmare years.” Berg hung out with loyal friends like David Savitz and Al Zinn outside work. And he stayed close to Judith. They had dinner his last night.


Remember Episode 101, where Judith Berg explains how Peter Boyles called her a “k*ke” not long after Berg had died. Boyles hates Stephen Singular's fine book, Talked to Death, which tells the truth about Berg’s life and relationships. This podcast does the same, identifying the late talk show host's true friends.



On Episodes 70 and 78, we had a surplus of great stuff, including Harold Dubinski in Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge using colorful Texas language to describe his old boss, attorney Al Zinn, and his old pal and frat bro, Alan Berg. We got to hear them on KOA radio. Harold brings the late Alan Berg and Al Zinn back to life.


Henry Gunders is still alive! He was born on June 30, 1924, in Munich, Germany, where he was a star athlete. But he was a Jew named Gunderheimer, and soon, many members of his family and he escaped to America. That’s how he became a military man fighting Nazis in WWII and became the father of our Troubadour.




”They killed the mockingbird,” Boyles told the media on the day after the shooting. Gone was Boyles competitor on AM mornings. Gone was the guy who’d hogged the spotlight on 60 Minutes. According to the Chicago Tribune, Boyles put on quite a show on the witness stand as Denver’s new king of talk radio.

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