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Episode 98 – Terry FreiMemorial Day 2022 is a dark time in America. The Uvalde massacre has damage

Memorial Day 2022 is a dark time in America. The Uvalde massacre has damaged us severely. With his extensive writing about military sacrifice, author Terry Frei is a perfect guest who knows hockey, and has also written extensively about the Columbine massacre.

Terry Frei is an accomplished Colorado sports media star, with an afternoon drive-time show now. He has covered the Broncos, Rockies and the Avalanche and everything else to do with Colorado sports. He also has profound thoughts about current events.

Discussed is the delayed police response in Uvalde, the ignored lessons of Columbine, the need for meaningful gun reform in America and why it does not happen. White supremacy leading to the murders in WWII and Buffalo, NY is addressed.

Terry Frei knows expertly the National Hockey League and makes a bold prediction about the Avalanche-Blues series -- before game six. Tune in to see if Terry got it right. We discussed the Code inside of hockey and whether it was violated by Naz Kadri.

Troubadour Dave Gunders comes through with perfect song called Love Has a Way. This song makes bad times tolerable and teaches us how to heal. Bless the memories of the children of Uvalde and their teachers, and Dave Schreiner, a friend and Wisconsin Badger teammate of Terry’s father, Coach Jerry Frei.

Have a meaningful Memorial Day weekend and listen to this podcast on Saturday, May 28, 2022 at 9 AM Colorado time

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