• Craig Silverman

Fragile Democracy.

Fragile Democracy. We have one here. With publication of warning from experts in the field, this week’s show begins with their letter. Consider the implications. All we hold dear is threatened by those seeking insurrection and Big Lie elections.

Amongst the people threatening our democracy are Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert, two Trumpsters who just got elected to Congress to wave the Trump banner. MTG is in the eye of the storm, having been booted off committees for her incendiary Q-Anon rhetoric and Nazi comparisons regarding masks.

Colorado’s first interview with Rep. Greene happened on Denver Trump Radio with her interviewer being Republican Committeeman Randy Corporon. The interview must be heard to be believed. Listen for the probing questions that never happen. Softball after sycophantic softball. We have got the sound.

A consistent sound that Oath Keepers make is, “Not on Our Watch,” its slogan. Who are these Oath Keepers, so many of whom have been arrested for busting into the Capitol on January 6? Our guest is Professor Sam Jackson; author of Oath Keepers: Patriotism and the Edge of Violence in a Right-Wing Antigovernment Group.

Michael Bailey, ace estate, and end-of-life attorney visits Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge to talk basketball, Nuggets, and the Avalanche. These two friends swap stories about the pandemic hopefully ending. Troubadour Dave Gunders graces us with Alexa’s Lullabye.

We’ve got hopeful sound (Dallas valedictorian Paxton Smith) (Trump crony Roger Stone fighting with Trump crony Steve Bannon). America will be all right if we can expose the Trump authoritarian side. The Craig Silverman Show – Sat morns – 9 – noon – Colorado time.

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