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George Brauchler

Episode 63 features ex-18th JD DA George Brauchler’s12th visit to Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge. This 90-minute talk is wide-ranging. These names come up: Donald Trump, Joe Oltmann, Randy Corporon, Lauren Boebert, Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, Michael Bennet, John Hickenlooper, & late Bob Enyart.

Brauchler prosecuted and convicted Enyart for Child Abuse decades ago in Jeffco. Host recounts his own Bob Enyart experiences. Christian clergyman Enyart was outspokenly non-vaccinated and recently passed away from Covid. These two veteran lawyers also discuss crime, January 6, and dangers to democracy.

Show then exposes how Joe Oltmann fed big lies about Eric Coomer and Dominion through Corporon and Peter Boyles on 710KNUS. Soon, others including Trump followed. No wonder so many GOP and right-wingers believe the Big Lie. Listen to timeline and how Big Lie got launched in Colorado.

Michael Bailey, end-of-life planning attorney extraordinaire, returns for 8th time to Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge which has been open now for seven years. Did you know people set up trusts for their pets? Trust us. They do. Boys also talk about BYU. And CU too.

Troubadour Dave Gunders delivers wonderful song named Just Try Me, along with a delightful discussion of Red Rocks, patience, and perseverance. Great conversation follows about collegiality that prevails in Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge and how you rarely convince people with an angry approach.

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