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Good Passover! Featuring Rabbi Ray Zwerin, Private Investigator Jeff Kass, & Troubadour Dave Gunders

Rabbi Raymond Zwerin remains very much alive at 85. Ordained as a Rabbi in 1964, he founded Denver’s Temple Sinai, served many decades, and helped create our Colorado Babi Yar Memorial. Past and present atrocities near Kiev against Jews and others are remembered. Rabbi Zwerin reminds us of the sad plight of Jews in the USSR during the 1960’s.

Listen to Rabbi Zwerin get rough on Russia and Putin now. Call his nuclear bluff. Understand the eternal battle for freedom which is the Exodus story from Egypt which we recount on Passover. Rabbi Zwerin is the author of many books including “Forty Years of Wondering” chronicling his best sermons, and a novel, “Holy Fire.”

For his 85th birthday, Rabbi Zwerin gave a beautiful poignant speech explaining what he wanted to be when he grew up. It turns out he wanted to be an engineer but that’s not the correct answer. Find out the right answer and whether the Exodus story and heaven are real.

Troubadour Dave Gunders’ special Passover song, Good to Believe, fits perfectly with the theme of Rabbi Zwerin’s birthday masterpiece. A Passover competition is heating up over which Seder brisket is going to turn out tastier.

Jeff Kass is the accomplished author of Columbine – a True Crime Story. At this week of the year, we remember the massacre that rocked Colorado and our world on April 20, 1999. As a reporter working for the Rocky Mountain News and others, Kass was dispatched to the scene and stayed on the story for more than a decade.

Now also a Colorado licensed private investigator, Jeff Kass corrects a lot of the misperceptions about Columbine and calls to task the Jefferson County government for its disinformation campaign to the detriment of the victims. Understand the truth about Columbine and how it still rocks our world on Passover 2022.

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