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Hollynd Hoskins, Esq. -- Pickleball Attorney

Famous female lawyer Hollynd Hoskins enters Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge to speak about the imminent demise of Roe v. Wade and its wide-ranging legal ramifications. This outspoken accomplished athlete, pro footballer, and fierce legal advocate explains how Alito’s apparent reversal of Roe will affect poor women of color and our legal system.

Learn Hollynd‘s amazing record of success in court. She has proven herself as a public defender, a medical malpractice lawyer, and now, as the successful lawyer this week for the Mayor of Pickleball, Arslan Guney. The situation became an international incident, now resolved without any conviction or further jailing. Mayor Guney loves Hollynd. So will you.

Find out what it was like for Hollynd to grow up in an interracial family in the Park Hill part of Denver, Colorado. She is an East High Hall of Famer and does not shy away from controversies. She describes her experience as a gay married person and the daughter of a Trailblazing Denver family. Warning: You may want to play pickleball after this show.

Troubadour Dave Gunders talks about playing pickleball and the tug of war which is Roe v. Wade. His song titled Your Way too features a trumpet and a saxophone that make this Dave Gunders' song fantastic. Listen as Dave explains his love of percussion, New Orleans and the JazzFest he just attended.

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