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Honoring Isabella

Isabella Joy Thallas was a spectacular human being. Joshua Thallas will convince you of that this podcast as he discusses his daughter and so many unanswered questions. Listen to Joshua’s understandable pride in Isabella. She is a blessed memory now. Bella was murdered in a crime that shocked Denver and should never be forgotten.

It was late morning on Wednesday, June 10, 2020 when an awful man in a street-level apartment fired a hail of bullets at Bella and her boyfriend, Darian Simon. Darian survived. Isabella was murdered. The murder weapon was an AK-47, an assault weapon prohibited in Denver, Colorado. The neighborhood was locked down. A community was terrorized.

Through law enforcement, media reports and the killer’s preliminary hearing, Joshua Thallas has learned the murder weapon belonged to DPD Sgt. Dan Politica, a friend and confidante of the killer. Say what? Tell us more. But law enforcement will not.

Joshua Maximon, attorney for Joshua Thallas, enters Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge to tell us about himself, and then about this important Colorado community matter of finding out what really happened that led to Bella’s death. These two lawyers discuss good questions posed by their respective clients, Josh Thallas and Darian Simon. Answers are sought. The truth is out there.

Our Troubadour sings “You and I Start Now” as we start up a campaign for information in one of Denver’s most infamous homicides. Episode 44 of The Craig Silverman Show is dedicated to the memory of the late great Isabella Joy Thallas. May her memory be a blessing for Colorado.

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