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Independence Is Back

Welcome to my first podcast of The Craig Silverman Show.  It is a labor of love. And money. Thank you to my sponsors who have urged me, and paid for me, to come back on the air.

My departure from 710KNUS was all about Donald Trump. So is my return. I will not sit idly by and allow Donald Trump to further sully the White House and America.  Trump voters should listen to me and learn. I am no better than you. I voted for Trump. Never again.

In this confusing world, it behooves us to identify the worst forms of humanity. For me, that means Nazis. I don’t like them and they don’t like me. That is never going to change. Trump is playing footsie with Nazis and I called it out after Charlottesville, and it has only gotten worse.

This President’s campaign recently got booted off Facebook for its Nazi imagery and last week, Trump retweeted a Florida supporter yelling out, White Power. White Power. I have experienced firsthand the short distance between Trumpism and Nazis

You may recall I went all in on impeachment and removal. The evidence was overwhelming. Stupid me, I thought there would be a real trial, and not just politics. But the Trumpsters shut it down.

I like to analyze trials. I’ve done it a lot for many different media outlets. Anticipating that, I was an independent contractor with a specific right to guest on other shows on other stations. All I owed 710KNUS was three hours on Saturday mornings.

I could not be prouder of my five plus years of The Craig Silverman Show on 710KNUS. My Island of Independence presented entertainment, diverse guests, and fresh ideas. Advertisers were plentiful as I presented something different than the monotonous ride on the Trump Train which was, and is, 710KNUS otherwise.

I did a great show with a severe disadvantage. My producer was terminated shortly before Christmas after he was exposed by 9News, Westword, Colorado Times Recorder, and others as a Nazi. Before he left, Widlund, a mega-MAGA full time employee and on-air personality on 710KNUS was invited on every other KNUS show to smear me with lies consistent with a Nazi and a Trump enforcer.

Other on-airs joined in as you will hear in future podcasts. Over time, I will tell you really happened behind the scenes back in mid-November, 2019. Podcasts are great.  I turned off talk radio for over six months after 710KNUS cut my microphone. That was a blessing.

But recently, I’ve listened to those KNUS podcasts I downloaded and saved, and now I can hear the Trumpian smear job of me by Widlund and his co-conspirators.  KNUS listeners heard classic conspiracy theories popular with anti-Semites, involving manipulations by wily well-dressed Jews, Craig Silverman and Brian Stelter, coordinated by Silverman and Fake News CNN. As if.

I now resume my role on Saturday mornings, or on-line any time, filling you in with my thoughts and more importantly, those of my diverse and interesting guests. I love the energy of a once a week show and it is designed for you to listen any time. It is a podcast. You can rewind or fast forward.

Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge is back and so is the guest scheduled for that aborted third hour on November 16, 2019. Scott Robinson has been a renowned Colorado lawyer for more than four decades. He has been the legal analyst at 9 News for 25 years.  Normally, Scott keeps his politics to himself, but not on this Independence Day. Scott Robinson roasts President Trump! Listen to his reasons why.

And speaking of good listening, The Craig Silverman Show podcast has a Troubadour. His name is David Gunders and he has worked as a popular musician for many decades. Dave has a song for every occasion. This show airs his classic, Fourth of July.

Here is what I predict. Trump is toxic in Colorado. Cory Gardner is finished and so is any Republican running for office in metro Denver. After the Republican rout, conservatives will turn to politicians who stuck their neck out and opposed Trump. No one on the GOP side in Colorado has done that more than former Republican State Rep. Victor Mitchell who came in second to Walker Stapleton in the 208 GOP primary.

Vic Mitchell is back and let me give you a hint, he has not grown fonder of Donald J. Trump.  Vic and I also discuss Hamilton which was a game changing event for me.  A work of genius, we celebrate on The Craig Silverman Show the Disney plus release of this remarkable play.

Remember when I went to broadcast from the White House on 7/27/17?  I do. That is when my son Sam and I drove from DC up to NYC to see the show and Hamilton’s grave, and then came back to D.C. through Philly. It was a magical trip and I am going to talk me some Hamilton tomorrow.  So is Vic Mitchell.  Please join us.

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