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Katy Winge is a Winner!

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

Denver Nuggets’ broadcaster Katy Winge has distinguished herself as an outstanding hoops analyst with skills she displays on Altitude Sports. Learn about the way Katy, a former D-I player at Illinois State, expertly utilizes Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. An instructor at Metro State, Katy Winge will impress you with her basketball, broadcasting, and social media acumen.

Nikola Jokic should repeat as NBA Most Valuable Player. Learn lots about the best Nugget ever and what Joker’s like behind the scenes. We also learn about Nah’Shon (BizzyBones) Hyland, outstanding Nuggets’ rookie, who barely survived a Wilmington, DE fire that took the lives of two close relatives.

So what is an analyst to say when Bones Hyland starts making long shots in clusters, triggering ear-to-ear smiles on himself, the crowd, and even opponents? Bones is fun and infectious, but Katy discusses how she avoids saying “Bones is on fire” or words to that effect. Given the circumstances, "Bones going off," or "Bones is on a roll" works better.

Our Troubadour Dave Gunders has perfect song with fire and a ton of his soul inside. The Rebound is about damaged human beings finding each other at just the right time. Nobody rebounds better that the Nuggets’ Joker and its new rookie named Bones. Chris Rock rebounding from Will Smith slap discussed.

In Right Wing Media Watch, we remember radio host Peter Boyles who just retired. We sound-chronicle destructive behavior marking end of Boyles’ career including dishonest hostile treatment of colleagues who challenged him. Addressed is inherent racism underlying Boyles’ birther, immigration, and Colin Kaepernick stances.

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