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Kevin Vaughan and Memories of 1994 Tom Hollar Murder Trial.

Kevin Vaughan and Memories of 1994 Tom Hollar Murder Trial. The Innocence Project at CU Law School has identified pre-DNA Colorado cases where hair examination evidence was used to help convict violent criminals. Kevin Vaughan, ace journalist for 9News, did some digging and let host know the Tom Hollar murder trial was one such case.

Wow! Host remembered this case more than most he prosecuted, but a lot has been recently refreshed. Old prosecutorial team put back together fast and articles reviewed. Tom’s mother Nedra and widow Christina have been contacted, and they remain lovely. There’s plenty of other evidence and the hair probabilities were not oversold. Expect convictions to hold.

Kevin Vaughan's story appeared on 9News on 12.16.21 with copious footage from this dastardly 1993 Summer of Violence atrocity and its1994 trial in Denver District Court.

Kevin Vaughan, President of the Denver Press Club, has wanted to be a journalist his whole life. We dive deep into Kevin's past with talk about Northglenn High, Mayor Odell Barry, working at the Las Vegas Daily Optic, Coloradoan, Rocky Mountain News, Denver Post, Fox, and now at 9News. Big cases discussed include Aaron Hernandez, Alex Ewing and Michael Morton.

Vaughan discusses ethics involved in his profession and explains how he put this latest Hollar case story together. Cameras in courtroom are a reality and the need for federal cases to be televised is stipulated. We are all on camera now. Host was on camera then. Sound too.

Many people lost homes and property in Kentucky and elsewhere as strong ill winds swept our nation this past week. Perhaps Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell will blow a different way toward the former president as January 6 Commission closes in. Latest developments in Ghislaine Maxwell trial also discussed as defense rests. Troubadour Dave Gunders delivers perfect song, Blow Wind Blow.

What a world, what a life, what a day, what a show. Episode 75 is fully alive with all the latest news, analysis, and lively conversation. Music too. Enjoy.

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