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Law and Order – featuring attorney Tim Bussey and founder of the NCAVA, Kathy Redmond

Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge welcomes attorney Tim Bussey, fresh off his victory in the Colorado Supreme Court which affirmed immunity for his client Patrick Rau who warned, and then shot to death, a disturbed homeless man who’d invaded the basement of his Colorado Springs’ multi-unit house.

The case came to the Supreme Court after the Fourth Judicial District Attorney's office made the claim that the basement in the subdivided house Rau rented an apartment in did not fall under the “dwelling” provision in Colorado's “Make My Day” law.

Before shooting, Rau warned he’d count to five before firing. Rau was true to his word and fired the killing shot into the intruder’s torso. A homeowner in Colorado has powerful rights to use violence, but only under some proscribed circumstances. Tim Bussey explains how he prevailed in the trial court and at the Colorado Supreme Court.

Back in the autumn of 1991, Kathy Redmond was a bright-eyed freshman from Colorado’s Columbine High who went to the University of Nebraska where she was promptly raped by a star football player. Cover-ups by higher ups followed including actions by legendary Coach Tom Osbourne.

This outspoken guest has interacted with big-time sports including the New England Patriots where Kathy Redmond’s been a consultant for the Kraft family. She describes what happened when her rapist got drafted, and then let go by the Patriots, and older and newer problems experienced by former Patriot, Antonio Brown.

Redmond movingly describes her own ordeal and the legal battles which followed. Her story’s been featured many times in major media.

Speaking out on behalf of victims, Redmond is a former Republican and still-committed Christian wondering what’s happening with all the divisiveness in America and discusses with host the consequences of having an authoritarian and acrimonious sex offender as our most recent former president.

Troubadour Dave Gunders delights us again with his classic song about an American house and what it means to lose it. The sanctity of one’s home is special. We remember the burned-out people of Boulder County and ask them to find some joy and hope in this classic song named This American Dream.

This show will give you some brand-new perspectives on modern life in America, especially as regards safety in one’s own dwelling, be it an apartment in a converted home or a dorm room in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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