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Legal Matters.

Legal matters. This show feature three men of the law speaking about that subject. Without the law, what would we have? Disunity. Uncivilization. America is based on the rule of law which means we follow the statutes set forth by our legislators. And the framers of our Constitution.

Colorado State Rep. Dylan Roberts is my first guest this week in Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge. His House District 26 (Eagle and Routt Counties) lies within new US. Rep Lauren Boebert’s Third Congressional District in Colorado. Boebert should be replaced. Find out why Rep. Roberts is the person to do it. Roberts is also a Colorado Deputy DA, sort of a double law man.

Our Troubadour Dave Gunders delights with his song Black Balloons which made him think of America’s rejection of selfish Donald Trump. This week’s show is dominated by talk of the upcoming trial of Donald Trump in US Senate. Should the case go forward? How should prosecutors present their case? What defenses are available to Trump?

Siddhartha Rathod is a renaissance man in Colorado law. This U.S. Marine Captain has a terrific law firm with lots of big cases he addressses. Listen to fascinating discussion of the pride this Asian Indian – American takes in Kamala Harris as these two law men discuss intermarriage, ethnic esteem, and what Trumpism has done to our country.

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