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Les Shapiro remembered

Chris Fuselier is welcomed into Craig’s Lawyer’s Lounge to share memories of his best friend Les Shapiro. This owner of Denver’s famous Blake Street Tavern adored Colorado’s famed sportscaster, Les Shapiro, who passed away last month.

Find out why Les loved Chris too. Chris Fuselier is an accomplished restaurateur and community leader. During the pandemic, he’s battled with Governor Polis and Mayor Hancock. And Chris is not afraid to rip Donald Trump when necessary. And it is necessary. Les was the same way. Chris describes their political journey together.

Chris discusses MLB’s disastrous lockout and the fate of downtown Denver. The brave leadership of Ukraine President Zelensky, a lawyer, is saluted. Disparaged is Russian President Putin, also a law school grad. Find out why Chris thinks Les would’ve been a great lawyer.

Jessie Shapiro, age 35, is a well-spoken talented son of Les. A successful LA musician and aspiring screenwriter, we get a sampling of Jessie’s songs, and a lot of loving memories of his father Les Shapiro. This interview will make you appreciate Les and contemplate his anti-Trump activism.

Les would have been 66 on March 4, 2022. Les impacted many people in Colorado where he and wife Paula raised a fine family. Family, friends and fans are gathering Sunday, March 6, 2022, at 1:00 pm at Blake Street Tavern just north of Coors Field. More details provided on podcast. RSVP on Facebook

With Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine, World War III may be underway, and our Troubadour Dave Gunders has the perfect song, Eddie (Vladdy) Don’t Quit, about a megalomaniac who won’t stop till he’s stopped. Considered are many aspects of this dangerous situation and how to make it end.

With our segment Right Wing Media Watch, we identify and confront media that helps lead people toward authoritarianism and bigotry. This week features Lauren Boebert, Tina Peters, Megyn Kelly, Buck Sexton, congressional candidate Erik Aadland, and stars of #DenverTrumpRadio led by Peter Boyles.

The Craig Silverman Show rolls on. New show every Saturday morning at 9 a.m. Colorado time.

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