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Norm Early Remembered – The Last Interview

Rest in peace Norman Strickland Early, Jr., longtime Denver DA

Norm Early showed his personality and wisdom in Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge in a memorable lively last visit on July 18, 2020. Norm discussed his health challenges, travels, favorite sports, grandparenting, and what he anticipated for his three grandsons and their futures. Listen to Norm sing Monkey Business.

Norm was a collegiate athlete, and reflected on competitiveness, and the degree to which he factored that into hiring and promoting prosecutors.

Norm reminisces on prosecutions of Quintin Wortham, Frank Rodriguez and the United Bank Massacre (James King) case. We talk about Dale Tooley, Dick Lamm, Bill Buckley, Mike Little, Dick Kay (the furrier), Bill Ritter, Beth McCann, and the Denver DA family.

Learn about Norm’s Washington D.C. (Chocolate City) upbringing and the impact of the Brown v Board of Education ruling. Find out Norm’s reaction to the murder of George Floyd, BLM, Confederate flags, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, the modern GOP, Major Lance, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

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