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Paige Mackey Murray – Colorado Human Rights Appellate Lawyer

Paige Mackey Murray grew up in Cocoa Beach, FL where her father, Skip Mackey, was the Voice of NASA. We discuss the spectacular performance of NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope and what her dad might’ve thought.

As the US Supreme Court takes away the rights of women, the Colorado Court of Appeals just pronounced a man’s right to not procreate should be respected. The winning lawyer was Paige Mackey Murray. It turns out that she is winning in every way.

This Boulderite feels strongly about personal human rights, and she is brilliant. Paige writes and fights in the appellate courts for a living. Paige Mackey Murray has strong feelings about recent US Supreme Court decision-making and voices her dissent.

We discuss the draconian consequences of the Dobbs decision and the end of Roe v. Wade in America. Real juvenile rape victims are going to be further victimized. Colorado may become over-populated with Bible Belters fleeing here. The legal challenges are enormous. Troubadour Dave Gunders gifts us with his usual stellar song, this one about a single mother facing challenges. The song also speaks about stars and space, and we ponder the Webb space telescope revealing mysteries of the universe.

Also discussed are the latest developments of the January 6 Select Committee, revealing more bad stuff about Donald Trump. We’ve got the Steve Bannon confession delivered days before Trump’s Big Lie implemented.

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