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Political Science. My major at Colorado College. Same with Andrew Struttman, only he went to CC’s archenemy, Denver University. I say Trump is dangerous now. Andrew says calm down. Andrew’s a Republican political pro. I am not! Listen, and decide who wins our friendly debate.

In Colorado’s First Judicial District (Jefferson and Gilpin counties), a smooth transition is underway between term-limited Republican incumbent Pete Weir and his successor, proud Democrat Alexis King. District Attorney Elect King joins me in Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge. She is fascinating.

The Lounge stays open for old pal Mike Foote. State Senator Foote is leaving the legislature but not before leaving his mark as chief proponent of the National Popular Vote. Colorado voters just ratified Mike Foote’s legislation by passing Prop 113. We assess current events and how to survive Trump and this pandemic.

Henry Gunders survived being a Jewish teen in Germany in the 1930’s. Our Troubadour’s dad describes his exodus, and amazing story of American immigrant success. Appropriately enough, the song this week is My Dad.Dave’s tribute tune and my interview of Henry Gunders is wonderful.

Denver Trump Radio continues to lead way for lying and deception to supplant democracy. Same asswipes who told us pandemic was hoax which would disappear and fought every public health rule are now America's experts on voting fraud. It is Trump and his Trumpsters who are fraudulent and we point it out every week on The Craig Silverman Show. Please subscribe.

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