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Riot Conditions.

Riot conditions. Thanks to his seniority, riot of Moderna vaccine now coursing through this podcast host’s body after his dose number two on the one-year anniversary of the pandemic. Soon, most of us will be vaccinated. Happy days may be here soon.

But not soon enough for the pent-up, liquored-up, rioters on the Hill in Boulder last Saturday. In the middle of the mayhem was Boulder Daily Camera reporter Mitchell Byars. We get the full report from this bright native Hawaiian who likes covering a community like Boulder. But Mitch Byars does not like snow.

Our Troubadour Dave Gunders likes snow and he’s been throwing down some cold heartbreak songs lately, including his classic Tear Up Time. How apropos for a show about riots in Boulder including the one that Dave Gunders witnessed in 1971. That riot was a righteous protest or so we get told.

Andrienne Benavidez is CU alum including from its fine law school. Now, she’s a prominent Colorado State Representative representing Adams County with a great visit to Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge. Colorado is somehow swimming with money during the pandemic and Rep. Benavidez tells us why and how. She also advocates for the end of Indian nicknames at Colorado schools.

We all weigh in with our snow predictions. Blizzard conditions? Or is it overhyped? This show tackles so many great issues of the day. The Craig Silverman Show. Saturday mornings 9 – noon Colorado time.

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