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Scott McInnis, Mike Landess, and Craig’s Colorado analysis of Trump’s Big Lie

This show is filled with soundbites, guests, and analysis exposing Colorado aspects of Trump’s Big Lie. Former US Congressman Scott McInnis returns to Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge to describe in detail the damnable Dominion Voting Systems lies going on in Mesa County with Clerk and Recorder Tina Peters.

Current Mesa County Commissioner McInnis explains why Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Tina Peters needed removal as Mesa County’s chief election official. Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold agreed. So did the Colorado Supreme Court which affirmed a Grand Junction District Court also ruling against Peters.

Objecting of course is Tina Peters and we hear her interview with Fox TV5 in Grand Junction. Also objecting is Conservative Daily podcaster Joe Oltmann -- and you will learn the Dominion component of Trump’s Big Lie spans both sides of Colorado‘s Continental Divide, with key parts involving Oltmann on Front Range and Peters on Western Slope.

Mike Landess is originally from, and of, Tyler, Texas where he’s returned as News Director of the University of Texas at Tyler's KVUT 99.7. Remember when Mike and Ed Sardella ruled the local airwaves on 9News back in the pre-cable days. Enjoy a lively and fun discussion of non-retirement, the relative merits of modern media, and the states of Colorado and Texas.

Our Troubadour Dave Gunders provides his usual wonderful song with Wings of a Rocket as his hero pursues lost love. A great dialogue regarding love songs, movies, Star Trek, and undiscovered genius follows. William Shatner’s rocket ride is also discussed and admired. We’ve got the remarkable sound of Shatner discussing his own non-retirement, and wise reaction to exhilarating space travel.

This show is dedicated to analyzing and undressing Trump’s Big Lie. Listen to the common themes of feigned security threats, real security concerns, civil war talk, and an analysis of what is going through minds of Trump and his election rigging liars. How many have sipped the Big Lie Kool-Aid and are too far gone?

We’ve got sound from Oltmann, Peters, and Jack Posobiec (an ADL accused bigot) hosted by Colorado Christian University this October. Posobiec is podcast pals of Stave Bannon and was introduced at CCU by Randy Corporon, a Colorado lawyer fully backing Oltmann, Posobiec, and Donald Trump’s Big Lie. We’ve got that amazing sound.

Listen also to sound of Corporon performing for an audience of one (Trump) on LindellTV. Yes, that Mike Lindell, the demented and dangerous My Pillow guy pushing Trump’s Big Lie. Pity the rubes paying conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell for the destructive Big Lie Lindell now selling on LindellTV. Listen to Corporon go all in on Trump’s Big Lie, vouching for and parroting Oltmann.

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