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Senator Rhonda Fields and attorney Summer Luther – New Year 2022 Special

Colorado current events startle as 2021 disappears. The Marshall Fire. The Denver/Lakewood targeted murder spree by misfit gun-nut bigot who wrote down his evil intentions. Governor Polis’ imperious commutation of Rogel Aguilera-Mederos sentence of 110 years down to 10 years.

These current events and much more discussed in detail with Colorado State Senator Rhonda Fields who goes way back with attorney host after targeted 2005 murder of Javad Marshall Fields and his fiancée, Vivian Wolfe. Two of their murderers were sentenced to death, a penalty rendered unenforceable by Governors Hickenlooper and Polis.

Senator Fields and attorney host also worked together when serious death threats made against her by bigoted gun-nut misfit who threatened Rhonda Fields with violence. The threat-maker was prosecuted but the best justice came from the civil suit filed, with money received going to Javad Marshall-Fields/Vivian Wolfe CSU scholarship, along with apology.

Fields and host praise the heroism of Lakewood Police Agent Ashley Ferris who stopped last week’s Denver/Lakewood killer. Who’s coming next? Is pandemic making it worse? Is there a crime wave? Spoiler alert. The answer is yes. Gun laws, authoritarianism, bigotry, and the pandemic are discussed. So is Christianity and its role in current events.

New Years’ 2022 rings Colorado’s great new law: the Child Sexual Abuse Accountability Act. This Fields-sponsored legislation, effective January 1, 1960, allows victims of sexual assault to hold accountable perpetrators and their enablers, dating back to January 1, 1960. Ghislaine Maxwell guilty verdicts also discussed. Host makes case against Bill Cosby and Donald Trump as serial sex sex offenders.

Sommer Luther helped make this law a reality. A mother and skilled Colorado litigator, she explains how she does it all. This native Floridian provides entertaining interview describing her upbringing and perspectives on Colorado law. Lawyers like Simmer Luther and host can now bring lawsuits against sex crime perpetrators and their enablers, even if old statutes of limitation have expired.

Show Troubadour Dave Gunders penned a classic song about a disaster in Boulder County and how to re-build emotionally and physically. “All that Water” is what we need now in wake of Marshall Fire in Boulder, scene of way too much modern misfortune. Listen to fresh show as the fresh snow falls on January 1, 2022.

Other broadcasters give you holiday repeats, but this show is fresh and covers historically impactful last week of 2021 in Colorado. Listen to strong opinions about the gubernatorial commutations and proper societal responses to systematic sexual abuse on women and children. The Craig Silverman Show, every Saturday morning at 9 a.m. Colorado time.

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