• Craig Silverman

You're Fired!

You’re Fired! A record number of American voters decided not to vote for Donald Trump. Special post-election show features electoral reactions of some friends of The Craig Silverman Show.

Welcome back Denver suburban mother and GOP legislative candidate Samantha Koch. We talk about the election where she and her hero Donald Trump were on the same ballot.

Laura Chapin returns for record third visit. This bright veteran Dem political operative returns to tell us what pleased and displeased her this election. Spoiler alert. Laura is happy!

Our votes had a profound impact on Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge expert Amy Padden who ran for big job of DA in the 18th JD. Right now, it looks like her GOP opponent John Kellner may have won by coming from way behind when some late DougCo votes emerged. Amy’s reaction is must listening.

Our Troubadour Dave Gunders has the perfect song for this consequential time in American History. Listen to Hard of Understanding and consider how it applies to our pandemic and electoral issues.

Meteorologist Marty Coniglio let Donald Trump incite him to toss his brilliant TV weathercaster career for a loop. Marty gets asked whether it was worth it. And you too get to be the judge.

Putting a bow tie on it all is the expert analysis of attorney/columnist Mario Nicolais. This Coloradan Sun columnist is dedicated to stopping Team Trump’s efforts to avert the voters’ verdict and we discuss upcoming court battles. We also have a candid and needed talk about Rudy Giuliani, Mario’s former hero, and current star in Borat. Enjoy.


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