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Episode 107 - Neon Denver featuring Dr. Nedra Downing and State Rep Steven Woodrow

Rundown -

Intro with Troubadour Dave Gunders - 00:36

"One Stop Shop" by Dave Gunders - 16:51

Dr. Nedra Downing - 22:25

State Rep Steven Woodrow in Craig's Lawyers' Lounge - 01:02:58

The heart of Denver takes center stage as the host reminisces about his four decades working downtown and his recent move to start his new law firm in the heart of Greenwood Village. Reminiscences about ever-changing downtown Denver are fun, especially when the Troubadour played Josephina's in Larimer Square and Craig dined at The Delectable Egg.

Troubadour Dave Gunders, an accomplished businessman/musician with an MBA, provides his perspective on Craig’s opening a new One Stop Shop named Craig Silverman Law, LLC. Dave Gunders’ song, One Stop Shop, makes you want to dance. So does our discussion of DOJ v Trump grand jury.

Dr. Nedra Downing lost her beloved son Tom Hollar 7.23.93 just above downtown Denver in CapHill. Nedra talks about that Denver Summer of Violence, Denver, and her home in Michigan. We honor the memory of Tom Hollar who would’ve been 60 now. Tom loved Neon.

@WoodrowForCO is an outspoken and progressive native Michigander who starred in Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge back on Episodes 37 and 60. This elected CO State Representative from South Denver Colorado is an outspoken critic of fascism and Trumpism. Listen to this up and coming Dem advocate for the prosecution of our defeated former president.

Steven Woodrow knows which political races mean the most in Colorado this year. Steve understands how the Rule of Law and democracy are at stake and argues a newly expanded US Supreme Court is necessary. The process and prospects of achieving that kind of change are discussed.

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