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Episode 209    Craig’s Colorado Corner with Greg Gold and Chris Decker

Craig’s Colorado Corner brings you Colorado lawyers and pundits who are voicing their opinions on the Trump trials and tribulations. New York v Trump is off and running with Opening Statements and first witness, David Pecker. There was a gag-order hearing too with Judge Merchan taking the matter under advisement.

Our New York v. Trump jury trial correspondent, Colorado attorney Greg Gold, was there in the Manhattan courthouse on Jon Day 6, at the New York courthouse, and in the overflow television viewing room with many media celebrities. Greg Gold describes the scene and the excellent credibility of witness Pecker.

Greg Gold lives a life of litigation and adventure and has joined us before from Ukraine. His description of the dramatic events in Lower Manhattan is vivid as he leaves the courthouse fresh after witnessing Day Two of the evidence portion of Donald J. Trump's New York trial.

Prominent Colorado criminal defense attorney Chris Decker has tried over 200 jury trials in his three-decade career. He’s the past president of the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar and a longtime member of its Board of Directors. 

Decker and the host go over every aspect of New York v. Trump so far.  Issues include immunity for Pecker, not Cohen, and why. We also discuss difficult defendants and problems with Todd Blanche’s Opening Statement on behalf of defendant Trump. We consider how best this case can be prosecuted, and defended.

Decker practiced as a Deputy State Public Defender for more than a decade and was assigned to the Colorado Springs, Arapahoe, Douglas, Adams, and Denver trial offices. During his years of service as a Public Defender, he handled literally thousands of criminal cases ranging from D.U.I. to murder in the first degree. Mr. Decker has won numerous and significant trial verdicts for his appointed clients. 

Decker has won complete acquittals in cases charging sexual assault, first and second-degree assault, drug possession and distribution, burglary, theft, menacing, witness intimidation, kidnapping, and murder. He has also written several successful criminal appeals.

Decker also works in civil law as well with several significant results for his clients. He has initiated numerous successful claims under Section 1983 of the Civil Rights Act for police brutality and excessive force claims. Decker recently won the largest Defamation verdict against an individual in Colorado history.

Find out about this important case of New York vs. Trump is this special Craig’s Colorado Corner edition of The Craig Silverman Show.

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