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Episode 208   Kyle Clark

Colorado 9News Anchor Kyle Clark returns for the first time since Episode 100. We discuss his recent windy interview with US Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg and his tough helicopter story that made Governor Polis squirm. An objective reporter, Clark’s long been the news leader at Colorado’s News Leader.


A native of a small town in Western New York, Kyle Clark worked AM radio at age 15 and loved his responsibilities filling in the open spots as play-by-play man John Sterling put his flourish to announcing on the New York Yankee Network. We learn though that his favorite sport is the NFL and the Buffalo Bills of his youth.


For the first time on air, Kyle Clark reveals his youthful obsession with Buffalo Bills legend Orenthal James Simpson, who played under head coach Lou Saban (legendary Juice and Electric Company). Did Kyle follow the trial? Did he ever? Listen as Kyle Clark describes his sports passions.


The differences between CA v Simpson and NY v Trump are analyzed. There are different forms of media coverage. What worked for 9News during OJ would not work today. We discuss Kyle Clark’s experience covering a big northern Colorado murder case from start to finish. The American criminal justice system is the greatest show on earth.


Nothing about the Trump hush money election interference trial has obvious ties to Colorado, but Trump’s other Big Lie litigations sure do. Kyle Clark has studied and presented facts and figures showing how big parts of Trump’s Big Lie and Insurrection flowed out of Colorado.


Mass shootings have happened all too often in the great state of Colorado beginning 25 years ago at Columbine. Kyle Clark tells us he was a high school sophomore like Danny Mauser when he was executed. Now, Danny’s dad and other parents of murdered children are being attacked on social media by pols.


Kyle Clark pushes back against those lowlifes who would disparage legislators Tom Sullivan and Rhonda Fields. It used to be we all felt fury when Alex Jones made lies for profit in the wake of Sandy Hook. Now, MTG and groups like RMGO belittle parents of murdered children.


Colorado’s CD4 gets discussed and the prospects of Lauren Boebert making her successful move east in Colorado. Regret was expressed that no invitation went out for a 9News debate between Boebert and Frisch in 2022. How’s that for introspection? Memorable encounters with Boebert placeholder, Greg Lopez, get reviewed, as do the chances of Dem Trisha Calvarese.


Kyle Clark gives his take on Denver pro sports ownership. Carpetbagging worries abound around the leaderless Broncos. The Monforts may never sell the Rockies; content to make money through visits by fans of opposition teams. As for the Nuggets and Avs, passionately decried is our inability to watch them on our regular TV simply.


We discuss Kyle’s amazing Word of Thanks, which has raised over 12 million dollars. It’s easy and makes you feel good when you become a recurrent weekly giver. People trust Kyle Clark’s judgment, and hundreds of non-profits have benefited.



We are thankful for a great conversation with Troubadour Dave Gunders about the Nuggets-Lakers series, how NY vs. Trump may shake out, the impact of a Judge who runs a tight courtroom, and it all is happening on Passover. This year’s Seder may have different prayers based on NY, Israel, and world events. Gunders gives us his 4/20 song, Don't Give Me No Vape.

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