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Episode 207  Rep. Jason Crow (D-CO)

Episode 207  Rep. Jason Crow (D-CO)

Enjoy a special workweek episode, driven by the urgency of unfolding events in Israel, Congress, Arizona, Ukraine, and the criminal jury trial of NY v. Trump. Our guest, Congressman Jason Crow, a true American hero, joins us in Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge.

Jason Crow, a former US Army Ranger Captain and law partner at prestigious Holland and Hart, offers a unique perspective on the special responsibilities of Colorado lawyers amid challenges to America's Rule of Law. His insights will also extend to the role of our nation's highest court.

Trump is on trial in NYC state court, and blaming everybody but himself. Meanwhile, the slumbering defendant simultaneously leads the GOP and the US House. We discuss how Trump has put a monkey wrench on the southern border fix – and aid for Israel and Ukraine.

Jason Crow lets strong words go when discussing Russian talking points spewing from the mouths of his Congressional colleagues, like MTG, and Rep. Boebert. Hear Rep. Crow’s special name for MTG. See hero Jason Crow in the #1 documentary movie, Against All Enemies, by Meidas Touch.

Ep 207 name drop alert:

Liz Cheney, Lynn Cheney, Colorado College, Adam Kinzinger, Denver Riggleman, Ben Meiselas, Joe Walsh, Joe Neguse, Dan Caplis, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, MTG, Lauren "1776" Boebert, Bibi Netanyahu, Volodomor Zelenskyy, Kyle Clark, Dave Gunders, Denver Nuggets, DU Pioneers, Jared Polis, and Trump.

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