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Episode 154 Jim Benemann

Denver’s revered newsman joins the podcast shortly after his celebrated retirement as nightly news anchor at KCNC Channel Four. Jim Benemann did his job superbly for many decades and has a loving family.

Learn about how this Chicago kid came to Colorado State in 1974 and fell in love with the Centennial State. Benemann has moved to Eagle, Colorado. Find out why. He’s still a lively outspoken presence on Twitter.

The livability of Denver back in the day, and now, is reviewed. Metro Denver’s high cost of living and the attractiveness of our region has created major changes. Crime and guns, and the fetishization of weapons of war in our communities gets reviewed.

Jim Benemann was assigned long ago to Washington DC where he met luminaries like Senators Barry Goldwater and Sam Nunn. Learn what the GOP’s 1964 nominee was like in person. Benemann witnessed the rise and fall of Senator Gary Hart too.

We move on to review the living legacy of former president Jimmy Carter. Part of that includes Habitats for Humanity, and Jim is a big time volunteer for this fine program.

Contrast with the grifting in the MAGA GOP world where the ethical improprieties of conservative US Supreme Court justices puts American rule of law at increasing risk. Benemann makes great analogies to attempted payola at TV stations that management wisely ended.

Lauren Boebert family crime dramas had news directors and local editors walking on eggs. Learn how local news covers (or pulls its punches) covering GOP-MAGA misconduct in an age where many members of the audience revere the defeated former president.

The advisability of staying on Twitter gets reviewed. So does the proposed UFC cage match between Musk and Zuckerberg. Host puts odds at 5/2 in favor of younger, better trained man. Learn much more about Jim Benemann’s politics than you ever have before.

Talk gets more spicy as conversation turns to sports. Benemann is an avid golfer but is fed up with the LIV/MBS/MAGA takeover of p[ro golf and says he won’t watch their tournaments any more. But he will keep on playing. Benemann has called a timeout on his hockey playing. Find out why.

As for baseball, disgust is displayed towards the Rockies’ ownership and there is major advocacy for a sale of the MLB team to occur. Avs are in good shape but it is sad that Landeskog is out like Benemann. Our Nuggets are set, and victory further celebrated.

Troubadour Dave Gunders celebrates the arrival of summer with his new album named Connections, and his fast sweet colorful song titled Little Hummingbird, in which the migrating bird is asked to bring messages of love and peace. Is that just fiction? Hope not.

Esperance is what this summer of consequences will bring. Putin and Trump face friction in their own radical factions. Bad guys fighting everywhere. Musk v Zuck. MTG v BoBo. Meanwhile, #DenverTrumpRadio turns blind eye.

Caplis turns his show over to KBB day after she makes a partisan fool of herself. RMGO embraced on Caplis show, slamming Steve Reams for being too lib on guns and RFL?!?. Brauchler did weakest interview ever w/BoBo. Boyles keeps capitulating, and muzzling himself, so he can sell big guns.

We talk about current events including Jack Smith about to further lower the boom on America’s defeated, twice-impeached, twice-indicted former president. Adam Schiff is saluted as an American hero. Esperance means hopeful feelings that truth and justice will prevail. Enjoy.

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