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Episode 157 CO State Rep. Bob Marshall - John Jackson (our Colorado man in Ukraine)

Rep. Bob Marshall (HD43) makes his triumphant return to Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge to explain his experience as a first-term legislator. Two of his military benefits bills got through, including one that veteran legislators thought had no chance, both funding worthy programs helping military veterans.

This Marine went to Ukraine on his own once Putin started his disgusting attack, as chronicled in Episodes 99 & 122. Douglas County Republicans continue to attack Bob Marshall but that is to be expected given its domination by MAGA men, like the man who attacked Marshall in 2020.

Now in July 2023, Bob Marshall and Rep. Elizabeth Epps are suing their own Democratic legislative caucus for violating state sunshine laws. Bob Marshall explains why he’s doing it and the repercussions. Bob Marshall does not put up with impropriety and end runs on transparency.

Marshall knows tax law and weighs in on the dispute about funding the IRS. The Hunter Biden tax plea deal is also reviewed. So is the performance of President Joe Biden. Marshall also knows the ability of other lawyers to delay and we discuss some of the Trump litigation. But Bob Marshall is focused on helping his constituents and Colorado.

John Jackson is a remarkable Colorado middle-aged professional who has made the move to Ukraine to help fight off Putin’s invasion. A member now of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, @hissgoescobra explains the genesis of his love of freedom. An American raised in Atlanta, and the heart of America’s civil rights movement, Jackson is drawn to Ukraine.

Jackson knows his history. And he’s trying to let the world know the truth on the ground. Trump’s unpunished Ukrainian Shakedown led inexorably to the further escalation of Russia’s war on Ukraine. Jackson’s love of freedom of justice led him to join forces with Ukraine where he is working hard to win the war.

NATO is strong but Putin is not yet deterred. Ukrainian men, women, and children are being killed by Russian bombardment. Russian war crimes are commonplace. The signs of destruction are everywhere. But life goes on in Ukraine. Jackson brings the story to life with a fresh report from Kiev, and his recent time spent in Kherson.

This is an information war, and Jackson does his best on this podcast to counteract Kremlin-generated disinformation. Jackson also is a weapons expert willing to fight in combat for freedom. Jackson passionately pleads for Ukrainian reinforcements from freedom loving people and countries.

John Jackson was a Colorado Republican, and voted for Trump, before correctly perceiving that Trump’s not good for freedom. For America. Or Ukraine. A Trump win means a Ukraine loss of epic proportions. Republicans have changed completely since Ronald Reagan days when Russian bullies were called out.

Thank goodness for Joe Biden and most Americans, including many Republicans, standing by Ukraine in its hours of need. The USA should always be a beacon of freedom. But Trump wants to impose a kleptocracy similar to that being run by his best pals on the international leadership stage. John Jackson won’t let it happen without taking action.

Volodomor Zelenskyy is the leader that John Jackson praises here, recounting stories of his legendary gas station visits. Ukraine’s Jewish leader seems fearless, and Jackson worries about his safety. So does everybody favoring freedom on this planet. Putin is a proven monster now. Yet so many like MTG support Russia.

Dave Gunders is our show’s Troubadour and he loves the power of music in the time of conflict. Love Has a Way is his beautiful and powerful reminder of what human beings can achieve when severely tested, even by the shadow of death, as Ukraine is experiencing now.

The Craig Silverman Show Every Saturday morning at 9 a.m. Colorado time

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