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Episode 164 – Craig’s Colorado Corner with Albert Alschuler and Quentin Young

We address the many prosecutions of Donald Trump and especially the Colorado connections.

Professor Alschuler (featured in Episode 110) is an expert on criminal law and procedure. He’s also studied the strange case of Mark Meadows. Is Meadows cooperating or not? Is TFG paying his former Chief of Staff to stay loyal? We discuss.

Panel discusses roles played in TFG’s Big Lie coup and coverup by Jenna Ellis, Randy Corporon, John Eastman, Joe Oltmann, Shawn Smith, Salem Colorado, Peter Boyles, Dan Caplis, George Brauchler, and all defendants in Coomer v Giuliani, et. al. Trump’s Big Lie clearly flowed through Colorado.

Colorado Newsline’s brilliant editor Quentin Young studies and boldly writes about Colorado connections to Trump’s insurrection. He’s an entertaining and informative panelist previously featured on Episodes 64 and 83. This journalist is brave and names names..

Quentin Young has taken the time to study J6 videos and now sees red MAGA-hat wearing attorney and co-conspirator, Ken Chesebro, who was shadowing awful MAGA man, Alex Jones. Evil con man Alex Jones was shouting “Stop the Steal” and “This is 1776” like a cross between Jenna Ellis and Lauren Boebert, all the while being watched and filmed by one of TFG's many devious attorneys.

If you like a lively panel discussion about these most important criminal cases in the history of humanity, Craig’s Colorado Corner is your spot. Special shows during this litigation for the foreseeable future with thanks to our new sponsors! Law firms that love democracy are sponsoring these shows. Monday mornings 6 a.m. Colorado time on Apple and everywhere.

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