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Episode 165 - Bruce Hellerstein Tom Overton, Esq.

Show opening highlights the latest in the prosecutions of Trump for crimes against America. Sound of Kyle Clark documenting Big Lie flowing through Colorado via 630 KHOW and 710 KNUS and Peter Boyles, Dan Caplis, Randy Corporon, Jenna Ellis, and Joe Oltmann is reviewed.

Bruce Hellerstein is a legendary Denver CPA who helped bring major league baseball to his hometown as part of the Denver Baseball Commission. It’s a Cinderella story that flows through George Washington High School where Bruce is being inducted this week (with host!) into the 2023 Hall of Fame class. How many guests have a museum?

Tom Overton makes a triumphant return to Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge emphasizing our legal appreciation of jurors on Colorado’s Jury Appreciation Day. Overton is a Bar and Ethics leader entering his fifth decade of practice. This wise head solves problems and is a winning litigator.

Middle of the show features a crazy good performance by show Troubadour Dave Gunders who gives us his rocking song, World Gone Crazy. We discuss the amazing performance of his band, the Vipers, at Gold Hill Inn last Saturday night and here’s some proof of that greatness.

End of the show features fresh outrages uttered by Caplis and Brauchler. MAGA is getting mean. Show responds. Please don’t be accusing Fulton County prosecutors of acting like Gestapos. That’s beneath Colorado lawyers. Brauchler wants to be DougCo DA but says awful things about alleged punks he yearns to punish.

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