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Episode 172 – Marshall Zelinger

Marshall Zelinger is a star reporter, covering primarily politics, for Denver’s 9News. He’s a proud Aurora native with a huge CU-Boulder lineage. We talk about Buffs, Broncos, and politics.Should the Dolphins have gone for the record vs. Broncos?

Lauren Boebert’s night on the town in Denver was largely exposed by 9News and Zellinger. Find out how that lewd story got told, and shown on our screens in sharp detail. We talk about the difficult situation in the Colorado GOP, and the possible media career of Ken Buck.

Show Troubadour Dave Gunders delivers again with his evocative hit song, Have Mercy, a powerful ditty about the devil and an angel being brothers. High Holiday adventures described with the host proving to be a wandering Jew during the start of 5784.

Disgraceful former president Trump went west on September 29 to deliver fascist remarks to adoring California GOP MAGA cult members. We’ve got the sound and the analysis. It proves the trouble America will have if 45 gets power ever again.

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