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Episode 174 - Scott McInnis

Former six-term US Congressman Scott McInnis enters INNER SANCTUM of Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge reserved for those in their fifth decades as lawyers. This longtime public servant also served in Colorado Statehouse and as a Mesa County Commissioner till term limited.

Scott McInnis grew up in Glenwood Springs, and served as part of the fun Colorado River Navy which had a flotilla of heavy rafts on which young Scott and his pals would play. Next thing you know, he was a Glenwood Springs police officer, and then a lawyer.

Former Rep. McInnis continues to serve as Mesa County Director for the Colorado River District with a demonstrated love for the entire American Southwest.

Learn about his amazing travels in his trusty Ford Expeditions and why he always needs to drive.

Life in Congress for 12 years was not easy, especially if you live in, and serve, the Western Slope. But McInnis is a hard worker who remains an influential member of the GOP. His love and knowledge of Colorado shines through.

Learn how former Rep. McInnis feels about the current House chaos, and his predictions regarding what happens next. Find out if the House can function without a Speaker. Understand McInnis’ educated attitude about Ukraine.

Trial and tribulations of Trump and Boebert discussed in detail. We review the dastardly Dominion plot by Tina Peters and others in Mesa County as part of Trump’s Big Lie. Learn McInnis’ view of modern Colorado GOP.

Troubadour Dave Gunders gives us his solid perspective on life and breakups with his excellent song, Tear Up Time. Listen to terrific discussion about the point of no return in relationships with friends and others.

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