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Episode 190 Corey Hutchins – plus Judge Luttig interview highlights and analysis

Show begins by analyzing the best parts of a historic interview with Judge Luttig. On February 8, 2024, the US Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the Colorado Supreme Court case. Take a listen to the logic of Judge Luttig and how it occurred in Colorado.

Corey Hutchins is Co-Director of The Colorado College Journalism Institute and a Contributor to the Columbia Journalism Review. In addition, he authors the Colorado Sun's Hutchins' Year in Review.

Hutchins discusses his article and the state of Colorado's media. We discuss the most influential news outlets, such as the Sun, and the decline of Colorado talk radio. Disinformation provided by broadcasting attorneys is specifically condemned.

We examine the impact of artificial intelligence. There have also been closures of various Colorado media outlets. The differences and impacts of radio and podcasts are discussed. Learn how journalism is taught in colleges today.

Dave Gunders brings terrific song for the first show of 2024. As we embark on the uncertain future brought about by Trump's insurrection, Whatever the Future May Bring is poignant. At Valley Forge, President Joe Biden gave an excellent speech condemning Trump's insurrectionism. Learn all about it.

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