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Episode 192 - Denver Riggelman

Denver Riggleman, former U.S. Rep. from rural Virginia, and key J6 Select Committee tech contributor, provides entertaining, insightful discussion. Riggleman's book, "The Breach - The Untold Story of the Investigation into January 6th," is a gripping story expertly told.

With unique insights from business, congressional, military, and data intelligence worlds, Riggleman reveals how disinformation by MAGA has endangered our democracy. Learn about the January 6th Committee's inner workings and Riggleman’ role.

We find out all about the Colorado experiences of this Virginian named Denver, just as his father and grandfather had been named Denver before him. Former Rep. Riggleman has many Colorado stories including memorable barrel rolls in USAF bombers over metro Denver.

We learn of Riggleman’s interesting journey from Manassas, VA to Air Force, business, and the halls of Congress, elected in 2018. He joined the Freedom Caucus and realized he could not abide its bigotries and cultish MAGA embrace. Stories about white supremacy around the Congressional GOP campfire.

Show Troubadour Dave Gunders brings his best song reminiscent of Appalachia. Nothing the wind Can’t Blow is a song about maternal love dedicated to Denver’s wife, Christine, the hooch Mama at his Silverback Distillery.

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