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Collector Items.

Collector items. No one is a better sports memorabilia collector than Denver, Colorado’s own Marshall Fogel. The world of collectibles has been booming during the pandemic. Marshall returns to Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge to explain how he first got involved in 1989 in Chicago.

There’s much more to Marshall Fogel than baseball cards. Listen to this legendary lawyer describe his youth in Denver, his sensational years as a prosecutor under Denver DA Bert Keating, and the 23,000 clients he has worked for in private practice.

Marshall Fogel is a historian at heart. He also likes presenting a good show. Listen to great stories about Judges O. Otto Moore, Orrelle Weeks, and Gary Jackson. Learn how Marshall desegregated the Denver Athletic Club. Find out the true Jewish histories of Maurice Rose and Elvis Presley.

From generation to generation. Marshall knows the analog world of collectibles. My next guest, Smarter than Average Joe, knows digital and a new investment opportunity called Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). One superhot sports-related site is NBA Top Shots. Find out why. And then learn about digital art. And bitcoin.

Collectible investing involves any product you can buy, own, and sell. Dave Gunders is our Troubadour, and his music is available digitally via my show and Soundcloud. This week, Dave delights us with Only a Rock in the Road. That is a great outlook and song for any investor.

You’d be wise and happy to invest some time in this one-of-a-kind podcast. Download it. Save it. You never know what it might be worth some day. The Craig Silverman Show, Saturday mornings 9 – noon, Colorado time.

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