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Episode 117 Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser

Colorado’s 39th Attorney General Phil Weiser returns to Craig’s Lawyers Lounge to discuss his bid for reelection. Distinguished are the responsibilities of a Colorado Attorney General as opposed to an elected prosecutor in individual judicial districts.

Phil Weiser leads Colorado’s biggest and most important law firm that specializes in appeals and handling civil litigation. There are myriad other legal responsibilities as Colorado’s AG. Weiser lays out what he’s done to protect the rights of the people of Colorado.

AG Weiser speaks out forcefully against anti-democratic Big Lie tactics which led to the January 6 insurrection. We discuss AG’s involvement in the prosecution of Tina Peters for her alleged violations of Colorado‘s election integrity. Find out why Weiser has so much GOP support.

Phil Weiser’s family barely survived the Holocaust. Colorado’s current AG knows the dangers of bigotry and spoke magnificently on the subject at the Denver Babi Yar massacre memorial held last week. Read the speech here.

Troubadour Dave Gunders and host share their Yom Kippur experiences. Catch Dave Gunders with the Vipers this Saturday night at Lincoln’s Roadhouse. His song, Talking in Tongues, is a wild song exemplifying the religious fervor that drives MAGA.

Anne Landman is a popular and prolific blogger. Listen to this outspoken MAGA critic from Colorado's Western Slope. Based in Mesa County, Anne chronicles the deeds and misdeeds of local politicians like Tina Peters, Scott McInnis, and Lauren Boebert.

A native of West Hollywood, CA, Landman analyzes Christian nationalist mentality that dominates her part of Colorado. Sunshine is the best disinfectant and Anne’s determination and blogging have become an important Western Colorado presence. Find out why.

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